Can You Sue the Other Person`s Insurance Company

It is important to note that each case is unique and must be judged according to the specific facts of the case. The advice contained in this blog is intended to be of a general nature and should not be interpreted as case-specific advice, as a slight difference in the facts of the case could change the outcome. Also, as the website suggests, this blog is based on Florida law and the laws of other states or even another country may differ from Florida. I had an accident and turned left at an intersection. The light was yellow and turned red when I sped and was hit by a red light runner. After calling their insurance company and filing a claim, I finally made them admit it was their fault after showing them the police report and having 2 witnesses on my side. My question is that I don`t have a lawyer and there are mailings and adjusters to evaluate my vehicle to see if they can fix it, but I suspect I could be summarized. How can I get the best value for my vehicle and make sure they don`t charge me the money they owe me for the value of my vehicle? You are not required to speak to the other driver`s insurance company. You have two options: one is to contact your own insurance company to see if they are processing the claim. Insurers may already be working together.

It is possible that your insurance company has refused to pay for medical treatment, which is why the other driver`s insurance company will contact you directly. This brings us to the second option, where you can hire your own personal injury lawyer. Liability insurance also pays for your legal defense if you are sued for something covered by your policy, such as a car accident. It`s really up to you. You can either accept their insurance company`s insurance cheque or ask your insurance company to write you a cheque for damages (your insurance company would then demand a refund from the insurance company of the indebted party). If the insurance company cooperates with the guilty party, I would ask them to do so. However, if they don`t respond, you should involve your insurance company. The other driver`s insurance company doesn`t care about you. (See how to determine when you need a lawyer.) Your employee did the right thing by creating a report to the driver`s insurance company and creating a report for herself. If the other driver was uninsured and she was the guilty driver, it does not appear that they would be able to make a claim against your employee`s insurance. Sometimes it depends on whether you are in a faulty or not guilty condition, which insurance company is processing the claim, but insurance is required in each state. You hope that your employee will be able to cover her own damages under her uninsured motorist insurance policy, and the other driver will likely have to cover her damages themselves.

Your daughter`s insurance coverage may include a provision for loss of income for a car used for business purposes if this is something she chose when she purchased the coverage. If the car was parked at that time and wasn`t involved in an Uber or Lyft ride, it probably can`t get coverage from its Uber or Lyft insurance. But here`s more about carpooling accidents if you want additional information: Hi, my car was total and it wasn`t my fault. Other people`s insurance pays for the rest of the loan financed, but now that I no longer have a car, will my insurance help me? Since I had full coverage and they don`t really pay for the damages? You say I can`t keep my car because the other person`s insurance pays for it? I was involved in an accident in August 2020. I had just made a left turn, legally on a performance green. After turning completely, I was straight in the left lane when a man leaving a store aisle dismantled my car on the passenger side with his car. The rear door on the passenger side of my car was hit hard and the passenger door was partially hit. His car had little damage to his front bumper. I was able to find a witness who left me his contact information before the police arrived. Luckily, no group (me or the guy who beat me) had any injuries. It was the other driver`s fault and he acknowledged it.

We took each other`s information. Hi, my son was driving his jeep in a parked car when he left our driveway. No one was in the jeep as they were at my house for a birthday party. So no injuries and the off-road number on the Jeep has only scratches. The front quarter-wheel drive shroud of the Friends vehicle is damaged and the tire is bent. We called the insurance company the next day and reported the accident where my son gave his insurer all his insurance information and still nothing was done in 2 weeks. My friends are crazy about Ooarse because they need their unusable vehicle to get back on the road. But it`s like pulling teeth for the insurance company to answer the phone in the first place. What do we do? I was involved in an accident last month, exactly 2 weeks ago. It was a 4-way STOP sign and this lady didn`t see me.

She ran straight at me and boned my car. The police came to get our information, but did not give the lady a ticket, although it is clear that she did not stop at her sign. The police report ticked them off as “suspects at fault”,but after contacting their insurance company, they replied a few days ago that they had completed their investigation and found conflicting information from the two drivers – and since there are no witnesses – they concluded that they could not pay me anything! Also, they added that the lady said we were going 50-50 (she repairs her car while I fix mine), knowing full well that the damage to her car was almost zero. Thank you for sharing your story, Sharly. It`s frustrating. We recommend that you talk to your own insurance company to find out the next best steps. If no one was injured in the accident, it may not be necessary to hire a personal injury lawyer. However, if you continue to have problems with the other driver`s insurance company, you should schedule a free consultation with a lawyer in your area and see what they recommend. We wish you the best! The other person`s insurer will process the claim, but don`t expect a quick payment. The insurer may want to investigate the accident to determine if their client was really to blame.

I recently had an accident where it was determined that I was to blame. I can see that my insurance company paid the gentleman what is pretty much apple cider vinegar from his vehicle and completed the claim a few days ago – so I guess his vehicle was a total loss. None of us were injured and we both refused the ambulance. No one can force you to call your insurance company and admit blame for an accident, especially if you don`t think you were to blame (or if you were partly to blame). If this driver believes that you are responsible for the accident, he will have to call his own insurance company and make a claim against your insurance company. They and their friends shouldn`t show up at your door to try to intimidate you.