Which Is Legal Negative Number Mcq

Q-9: With two variables, num1 and num2, which of the following would mean that num1 and num2 are positive integers? 7. In the signed magnitude and complement of 2, the positive and negative numbers are marked with ____ If you get a word of size n bits, the interval of the binary number complement is 2 ___ a) -2n+1 to +2n+1 b) -2n-1 to +2n-1 c) -2n-1 to +2n+1 d) -2n-1 to +2n-1-1 Show response Previous signed numbers (positive numbers and negative numbers) Q-2: Which of the following correctly expresses the priority of operators (in parentheses) in the following expression: 5*3 > 10 and 4+6==11 Q-5: Which of the I, II, and III below gives the same result as the next nested one if? Q-7: How much is it for 12 items weighing 3 pounds? We recommend that you try these code snippets in the Eclipse IDE and understand how the program works (but the answer with the explanation at the end of each question). These questions may be asked in interviews or similar questions may appear in interviews, so be prepared. In this article, we have provided multiple-choice questions on Java arrays to test your knowledge of arrays in Java.